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Collecting your wood dust and chips at the lathe is not easy, here is a great solution.
Lathe dust can be extremely fine and potentially toxic particularly when working with some exotic woods.
Mount this hood on the back side of the lathe bed and and connect to your collector for cleaner air and a cleaner workshop.
This Lathe Hood is universal and will fit most common lathes - A universal bracket and fixings are supplied.
The front opening is 8 inches (200mm) square with a scollop so you can get it close to your work piece.
There is a hinged eye shield which provides protection and improves airflow around your work piece.
The dust port at the rear is 4 inches (100mm) diameter and the more powerful your extractor, the better the performance.

  • 'Funnel' effect Dust & Chip collection for the lathe
  • Cleaner air and cleaner workshop
  • Position the hood close to your work piece - collect the dust at source
  • The transparent safety shield is hinged
  • Basic fixings and bracket included
  • Made of rigid, durable plastic

The front view of this Lathe Hood is 8" tall x 8-1/2" wide. The base is 4" deep but because the top protrudes over the turning and including the move-able cover, it is 10-1/2" at the top.
Connects to 4" 100mm extractor hose.
The slots on the mounting plate allow 4-3/4" adjustment.
For optimum performance, This lathe hood should be connected to a minimum 450 CFM dust collector.
This product is universal - Installation will vary according to your lathe and application, some additional hardware may be required.

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