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For close control when trimming away laminate, edge banding and veneer.
Neatly trims straight edges and curves.  Removes surplus material ready for finishing.
Ideal for working with laminated boards - perfect for KBB tradesmen.
This trimmer is comfortable for left and right handed operation.
Uses a standard razor blade - cheap, easy to source replacements.
The versatile design allows quick and easy trimming.
  • Comfortable and controllable
  • Safer and more precise than a chisel or blade
  • Left and right handed operation
  • Works on straight and curved edges
  • Uses a standard razor blade
  • Ideal for plastic edging and wood veneers
Laminate trimmer

Intended for Plastic edging and Wood veneers up to 0.8mm.
These fixed blade trimmers are not ideal for HPL and rigid edgings as these materials are brittle and may not cut well.
Take care when trimming real wood edging - work with the grain for a clean cut.
Uses a standard razor blade - buy high quality blades for sharp, clean trimming.
Once the surplus material is removed - finish with a fine sanding block (e.g. P240) to smooth the edge.

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