18V Battery Holders

Brand: Bosch
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A clever way to store, organise and transport your 18V batteries.
Your batteries simply clip in, just as they clip into your power tool.
Your batteries are securely held in all directions.
Insertion and removal is a single handed operation.
These are available for leading bands of batteries.
Discounts available when buying more than one.

  • Battery Holders for 18V batteries
  • Securely holds 4 batteries
  • Can be mounted to any flat surface
  • Can be used in any direction
  • ABS construction for strength and durability

Will hold 4 standard 18V batteries
Some Wireless charging and FlexVolt batteries may occupy more than one slot
Only use countersunk screws for fastening
Fasten with 4 screws for maximum strength
Do not over tighten the fastening screws to avoid splitting the plastic

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