Dust Deputy Deluxe - 2" Cyclone & Drum kit

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SD Cyclone Kit
2" / 50mm ports
Cyclone and Drum

Upgrade your vacuum and say goodbye to clogged filters!

Single stage vacuums lose suction very quickly as the filter becomes clogged with dust.
Using this cyclone kit in conjunction with your vacuum will separate over 99% of dust from the air prior to reaching the filter.
This prevents your vacuums filter from clogging, saving time and money on replacement filters and bags!
This kit includes the 2" SD cyclone and a 10 gallon steel drum.
All the kit components are conductive to assist you with static management.
Oneida design and make the best cyclone products available.
Top quality, superior performance - made in the USA.Watch the video below for more information

  • Works with any 2" vacuum (or smaller with reducers).
  • Super efficient cyclone separator. Up to 99% dust separation.
  • Comprehensive kit - includes SD hose and wheel dolly
  • Anti-static (SD) plastic cyclone - separates coarse and fine dust.
  • Anti-static (SD) hose and connectors.
  • 2" Tapered ports for friction fit pipe connections.
  • Authentic Oneida cyclone - made in the USA.
The 2inch Dust Deputy cyclone

Tapered ports: inlet (side) 2" O.D - outlet (top) 2" O.D.
Up to 99% dust and dirt separation achieved in independent tests.
The cyclone and hose are made of conductive plastic for static dissipation.
The drum is made of 22 gauge steel
Kit includes: SD plastic cyclone, 10 gallon steel drum, flexible SD hose, 4 wheel dolly, two elbows and all required hardware
Fitting the wheel dolly is optional - Drilling a hole in the drum base is required to fasten the dolly
Suitable for Dry, Cold materials only

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