Multi Function Square - 300mm X 200mm

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This clever tool does so much more than your average square …….
Several additional features are built in to help with common layout jobs.
Set out for Shelf-Pin Holes. Set out for Euro Hinge cups and plates.
Set out for your RAFIX connectors. Set out parallel lines, curves and circles in 10mm steps.
Measure and Set out simple angles with the integral protractor.
Removable edge guide increases functionality and usefulness.

Also available is the larger 500mm x 280mm version - see other listings

Our Artisan Marker is perfect for use with this tool - long, fine tip marker for the pilot markings

  • Ideal for the KBB trades - cabinet and panel work
  • 10mm perpetual centres for shelf pegs
  • 37mm centres for concealed euro hinge plates
  • 17mm and 21.5mm centres for the 26mm & 35mm door euro hinge cups
  • 9.5mm centre for RAFIX connectors
  • 2 quick angle finders - 30 and 45 degrees
  • Protractor scale built in - 0 to 90 degrees
  • Strong, steel construction. Coated for protection
  • Removable plastic edge guide

Take a little time to familiarise yourself with this clever square - once you understand it's functions it will become invaluable.
This tool will work with most euro style hinges. Hinge installation specifications can vary from brand to brand and the cabinet wall thickness.
TIP: Check your euro hinge specifications against this tools specifications before drilling - test on scrap material to be sure.

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