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With this Pantograph Pro, you can enjoy creating signs and plaques with your router.
Trace along any letter stencil or line drawing and reproduce onto your stock at 50%.
To get you started, two font stencil sets and several classic line drawings are provided.
Plus, you can use your own stencils and templates - unlimited font styles and designs are possible.
This kit is comprehensive, just add your router, choose a cutter and start creating.
With careful choice of your router bits, you can achieve amazing results.

  • A simple and versatile tool that allows amazing creativity
  • Modern and Old English font stencils included PLUS sample line drawing templates
  • Includes 3 Router Bits (1/4” V-Groove Bit, 1/4” Straight Bit and 3/8” Round nose Bit)
  • Includes 3 Stylus Tips - large head, small head and pointed
  • Carve into wood, plastic - just about any material (with appropriate cutters)
  • Universal TurnLock base plate takes most smaller routers (1/4" recommended)
  • Full instructions provided
Pantograph PRO introduction

For best results, please take time to read the instructions and watch the video on YouTube.
The included TurnLock base will take most common routers with a 6" base or smaller (1/4" routers are ideal).
The 3 supplied Router bits are 1/4" shank.
The supplied bushing is only used for centering the TurnLock baseplate, remove when using your PantographPro

Pivot Mount
The Pivot Mount socket is to be placed in the back left corner of the set up board. This does not get secured down until your router adaptor plate is centered on your work piece. Please note that the position of this socket may change with each work piece.
Set-Up Board
We recommend a soft plywood board 20" x 48", This will be your working platform for your Pantograph.
Stock Supports
We recommend timber stock supports approximately 3-1/2" x 10" x 3/4", two of these will hold your material. 

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