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This Saw Gauge accurately sets the angle and height of your blade.
PLUS … The fixed base scale will set the blade to fence distance.
Ideal for table saws and bandsaws - also works with Routers and Radial Saws.
The Lock-Screw means you can capture and transfer any angle or height from your work piece to your saw.
With Gauge-It, you can adjust and set your machines to the exact settings required for any job.
This one is for right tilting blades - left tilting version also available.
Pro-Grade tool, Designed and made by Gauge-It in the USA.

  • Fast and Accurate blade setting tool - easy to use and read
  • Multi function tool - precise setting of Angle, Height and Fence
  • Works with Table and Band saws, Also sets Router Bit height
  • Clever design compensates for blade teeth
  • This version is for Right tilting blades
  • High quality, professional tool - made in the USA

1/64" increments on blade heights and 0.5 on angles.
Imperial scale - up to 2-1/2 inch height
Imperial scale - up to 6-1/2 inch fence setting
0 to 45 degrees angle setting
22.5 degrees increment included

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