Vortex DCS - Floor System - for Hummel Lagler

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This unique retro-fit system gives dustless floor sanding with your Hummel floor sander
Add this vortex system to your Hummel sander to create the ultimate dust-less system.
This complete system includes our COBRA cyclonic vacuum.
Oneida design and make the best cyclone products available. Top quality, superior performance - made in the USA
The Oneida vortex captures virtually all of dust - better airflow, virtually no filter clogging.
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Vortex floor sander at work

The problem with Dust Bags ..


  • Dust less floor sanding, superior dust capture, improved airflow
  • Vortex, retro fit system. Just add to your Hummel sander and go to work
  • Super efficient, twin cyclone separators. 99.97% dust capture
  • HEPA clean filtration down to 0.3 microns
  • Designed for Hummel Lagler sanders
  • Bag hold-down system - use plastic bags for easier emptying
  • 35 gallon, steel dust drum
  • 15.2 metres (50') of hose included - can be extended to 30 metres (100')
  • Strobe indicator tells you when to empty your drum
  • open the manual here

Technical Information

 220v motor installed. Vortex, retro fit system - dust free floor sanding. Twin cyclone, twin filter - excellent separation and filtration. This system is configured for the Hummel Lagler 8" sander. Twin Cyclones separate 99.97% of the sanding dust from the air HEPA filters then clean the air down to 0.3 microns. Bag 'hold down system' use's regular plastic bags for fast, safe, clean emptying. 50 ' of hose supplied with this system. Up to 100' (30.5 metres) hose between sander and vacuum. get the manual here

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