Joint Mate Kit - for metric dowels

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With this comprehensive kit you can make precise, doweled joints - quickly and easily.
Perfect for those jobs where strong joints with invisible fixings are needed.
Fast and precise, one-handed alignment of dowels for corner, surface and edge joints.
Joint Mate automatically locates the center of the edge to receive the dowel, it then transfers this reference to the receiving material.
The metal bushes guide the drill bit in at 90 degrees, ensuring vertical holes for 6mm, 8mm and 10mm dowels.
The three integrated drilling bushes are hardened steel, for long life.
Comprehensive instructions supplied with this tool 

  • Precision drilling for metric dowels
  • Simple, one handed operation
  • For precise, strong, doweled joints
  • For 6mm, 8mm and 10mm dowels
  • Steel bushes ensure square drilling
  • Virtually no setting out or measuring required
  • Full instructions supplied
Joint Mate Kit overview

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