TriGrips - Work Piece Holders (4)

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TriGrips allow you to route, sand, drill, carve and paint without clamps - the workpiece will not move.
The special foam impregnated non-slip skin holds any type of material in place.
When on their flat side, TriGrips™ holds a work piece 1 3/16” above the bench top.
When set on edge, TriGrips™ raise the work piece a full 3 inches above the bench.
The cone tip on one corner of the block gives minimal contact for painting and finishing.
Self-adjusting, internal ballast flows to where it is needed in any position.
TriGrips™ can also be used as support for non-work projects, such as beneath a computer keyboard.

  • Lift, Grip and Protect your work
  • Friction pads hold your work piece
  • No clamping needed
  • Ideal for Sanding, routing and finishing
  • Fluid ballast adds weight and stability
  • Supplied in packs of 4 - great value!


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