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New, low-profile lid separator stops up to 99.9% of fine dusts and bulk debris from clogging your vacuum's filter - eliminating suction loss while saving you time and money on expensive replacements! This Deluxe kit comes with everything you need.

  • Offers up to 50% more airflow (CFM) and allows debris to pass through unobstructed — two common limitations of other lid-style separators.
  • Upgrades any make/model shop vacuum with 2.5" hose fittings.
  • Transparent components let you see how full the bin is from far away.
  • Strong 5 gallon bucket won't fold under high vacuum pressures.
  • Compact and stable footprint with four free-rotating mounted casters.
  • Includes highly flexible, wire-reinforced, vacuum hose with swivel-cuffs.
  • Anti-static components significantly reduce the likelihood of static shocks.
  • Oneida design and make the best cyclone products available.

Top quality, superior performance - made in the USA.

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Announcing the latest addition to the iconic Dust Deputy product family: the Dust Deputy LOW-PRO™ lid separator system.

At 18 1/2 inches (470mm) tall, the Dust Deputy Low-Pro is our most compact separator, able to fit underneath a workbench and in other tight spaces. Uniquely designed to offer up to 50% more airflow (CFM) and allow debris to pass through unobstructed – two common limitations of other lid-style separators – the Dust Deputy Low-Pro excels in its ability to collect a variety of materials, from wood dust to trash, and more.

Like the original Dust Deputy cyclone, the new Dust Deputy Low-Pro pre-separates up to 99.9% of dust and debris before it reaches your vacuum's filter, eliminating clogging and suction loss while extending the life of your filter. Made from clear, durable resin and designed for vacuums with 2.5" hoses. The Low-Pro lid separator attaches to the supplied 5-gallon bucket with included latches.

SKU AXD259922
Cyclonic Separation Efficiency Removes over 99% of fine wood dusts
Airflow Rating Minimum 50 CFM
Waste Capacity 5 Gallons
Inlet Size 2.5" O.D.
2.25" I.D. (Tapered)
Outlet Size 2.25" I.D.
Color Clear
Width 13.5"
Depth 13.5"
Height 18.5"
Actual Weight 8 lbs
Contents Lid Separator, Latch, Bucket, 4x Caster Mounts, Bucket Tether, 2" x 36" Hose, 2x Elbows, Gaskets, Hardware
Manufacturer Oneida Air Systems
Manufacturer Statement Made in USA
Warranty Information 1 Year Limited Warranty


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