1-2" Laminate Trimming Bit - Revolutionary Design

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The Euro-Trimmer with square Teflon bearing will not scratch laminates, and glue will not stick to the bearing.

This ½" diameter cutter has a 4 degree bevel.

When using the bit there is no need to lubricate the surface.

Do the same work in less time.

Cutter: Tungsten Carbide

Bearing: Teflon

Replacement bearings available from TOOLOVATION

Extended Information

WHERE INNOVATION AND TECHNOLOGY = EASY LOW COST CABINET HARDWARE INSTALLATIONEstablished in 1980 Euro Limited.com has become a world leader in innovative development and manufacturing of small tools and jigs. Each tool was designed to create an integrated system of tools to use specifically for the installation of cabinet hardware.By implementing cutting edge technology with innovative ideas we offer National and International Hardware Manufacturing companies a quality product that helps cabinet makers to achieve practical application with time saving, consistent and quality workmanship.With Euro Limited.com products there is no need to buy cost prohibitive large expensive hinge boring, line boring or CNC machines. Euro Limited.com produces affordable products and offers a "complete system" of tools that will solve all your cabinet hardware installation needs.Euro Limited.com has patented over a dozen tools and has other patents pending on new products. Our products are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We take pride in the denyd growth of our company, the tradition of excellent products, knowledgeable staff, our credibility and customer service.

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