Cable Remote Switch for Blast Gates

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Cable remote for your iVAC Blast Gates

Allows remote control for blast gates that are out of reach
Simple, Affordable remote control

Cable Remote control kit
3M of cable
Switch and connector included
Low Voltage - 16V

16V low voltage - safe to handle & use
3 metres of flexible cable
Cable is 4.8mm nominal OD, terminated both ends ready for use
Strong, traditional toggle switch with 18mm long actuator
Toggle switch requires a 13mm hole, max panel thickness is 3mm
Complete kit, ready to use

iVAC design and manufacture intelligent dust control equipment. The Pro System is a collection of components that come together to control and manage your dust collection (LEV) system. The Pro System is wireless and you can easily add more components as your needs demand (or budget allows).iVAC Pro was designed to be an automated dust collection "system". An affordable solution that allows you to manage your dust extraction (LEV) without the need for expensive control panels or wiring. Up to 4 iVAC Pro switches can be installed on a system, and each switch can communicate with up to 8 power tools, for a total of 32 tools or workstations in a workshop area.iVAC Pro devices offer a host of programmable features that let you customize a setup including on/off delay times, multiple modes of operation, sensitivity adjustments and more. This means greater control over your dust collection system, optimized operation and improved performance and safety.All iVAC products are designed and manufactured using top quality materials and circuitry with built-in safety features such as overload protection. Our products and components are fully approved by regulatory authorities and are designed in accordance with the most up to date safety standards. We designed iVAC, we build iVAC and we stand by it!iVAC products are designed and engineered in Canada.

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