CAP Tool Foam - 55mm Blue on Graphite

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Item: CAP Tool Foam - 55mm Blue on Graphite - A1 - 840mm x 600mm
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A Unique laminated foam that organises, stores and protects your tools.
DIY - Easily create your own custom storage and protection solutions.
An affordable system that really works, incredibly flexible and adaptable.
You can achieve maximum organisation and visual control in minutes.
Many applications - office, home, workshop, vehicle.
The welded layers allow depth control and easier separation.
This foam is 55mm (10 layers) thick
Blue top layer on a Graphite base

Available in 30mm & 55mm thicknesses, A1, A2 & A3 sheet sizes

  • Two surface colours - Blue or Graphite, just turn over as required
  • So quick and simple - trace, cut and peel
  • DIY - Achieve amazing results in minutes
  • No special tools needed - Just use a marker, knife and your finger
  • Welded layers - decide your depth and peel as required
  • Specifically engineered and made for tool storage
  • Practical colours - tough and washable
  • Provides excellent cushioned protection
  • Tool sets & Experience kits available

Medium Density expanded PE foam
Lightweight, flexible, clean and non abrasive
Graphite / Blue colour
Sheet sizes are approximate - typically +/- 5mm
Sheet thickness is approximate - typically +/- 1mm
The layers are approx 4.5mm thick
Tool Foam is not fire retardant

Tool Foam is shipped un-boxed, In transit some bruising can occur on the edges.
We supply the sheets oversized so any bruising can be cut off.
Two surface colours, Blue or Graphite - just turn over as required.
Ideal for Lean, 5S and FOD applications.

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