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This Coping Foot turns your Jigsaw into a master coping machine.
The Coping Foot is a dome shaped base that allows you to bevel, turn and pitch the blade.
In use, the foot is supported right at the kerf so you can 'freehand' and change any cutting angle as you work.
Hold your jigsaw by the barrel with the blade up for very clean, accurate and complex cuts.
The Coping Foot is smaller than the jigsaw body - for work in tight areas.
Quickly Installs onto most popular, mains powered jigsaws.
Many finish carpenters never change back to a flat base unless they need to scroll.

  • Quicker and better than a hand saw
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA by Collins
  • FESTOOL and MAFELL models also available


Specific models for the Festool carvex and Mafell P1cc also available - see other listings

2019 update - now includes an extra 1 inch screw and a thin shim for Dewalt 317 & 331 jigsaws

    Collins Jigsaw Coping Foot Coping foot - independent demonstration
    CAUTION: Power tools are dangerous in the hands of an unskilled person. To develop skill in the use of a free-handing jigsaw: clamp the stock to the bench and go slowly at first using both hands on the saw for control and for personal protection. Modify jigsaws with caution and consideration to user safety. Compatible with MOST professional, mains powered jigsaws - list below

    Bosch GST160 BCE, 1590, 1591 and 572 are NOT compatible.
    Festool Carvex - we do a specific Coping Foot for this jigsaw.Mafell P1cc - we do a specific Coping Foot for this jigsaw. Some finger guards interfere - but can be modified with care. The Coping Foot is formed from 14 gauge plated steel.

    Collins Tools find that the Bosch T244D blades work well with the coping foot

    2019 update - now includes an extra 1 inch screw and a thin shim for Dewalt 317 & 331 jigsaws

    Made in the USA by Collins Tools.

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