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No more "Upside Down and Backwards" thinking! Save time and money by cutting the stock correctly, the first time.

The Milescraft® Crown45™ crown molding jig for miter saws will change the way crown moulding projects are done.
The innovative “right-side up” cutting orientation, will help both novice and pro's save time and money by cutting the stock correctly.
With the Crown45™, the crown molding will be cut the way you see and install it on the wall - less mistakes!
The pre-set angles work with common moulding spring angles (38, 45, and 52 degrees). Three angle finders are attached to the tool.
Cut finished moulding with no break out on the finished surface. Saw blade enters the material from the front due to its unique orientation.

  • Improve your trim cutting at the Mitre Saw
  • Does inside and outside corners
  • 3 simple steps - Measure, Cut and Install
  • Easier with Less mistakes - "cut the way you see it"
  • 3 pre-set spring angles - 38, 45 and 52 degrees
  • Will suport mouldings 2 to 5.5 inches
  • Collapsable design allows easy carrying and storing
Crown 45 - overview

This tool is a very useful aid when cutting Crown Moulding.
Successful Crown Moulding installation does require practice and experience.
We recommend consulting the many publications and articles available before commencing work.

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