Damstom Panel Clamp - D300 (single)

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Clever Panel Clamping System

Achieve flat panels without struggling

Made in Canada - high quality

Make perfectly flat panels with this clever Panel Clamping system.
The parallel rails will firmly sandwich the panel while the glue sets.
You will eliminate the problem of glued panels that buckle and bow under pressure. Maximum panel depth: 38 inches
Wood thickness: 3/4 inches to 4 1/2 inches
Made in Canada by Damstom - a high quality product.

Sold in singles (two or more are required)

  • Powder Coated rails, so the glue won't stick to it
  • You can make wood panels with different thicknesses; 3/4" up to 4 1/2"
  • Smooth action ACME thread for easy tightening
  • Strong but lightweight, built to last
  • Made in Canada
Damstom Panel Clamps
Maximum panel length: 38 inches long Wood thickness: 3/4 inches up to 4 1/2 inches Weight: 4.6 pounds - 1.7 kg Material: Steel + Plastic Coating: GREY Powder Coated Paint
  • Damstom's panel clamps need to be use only for the laminated wood process.
  • Damstom's panel clamps are not suitable for lifting, pulling or transporting.
  • Damstom's panel clamps must only be clamped manually .
  • Don't use auxiliary tools or other devices to get a greater tightening.
  • Replacement parts need to be from Damstom original parts.
  • Safety glasses or goggles and gloves should be worn.
  • Improper use may lead personal injuries, material damages, personal injuries or even death.
  • Never attach those products to any part of your body or anybody.
  • Don't tighten more than you need to.
  • Use pieces having approximately the same thickness.
  • Make sure to clean the panel clamps after use.
  • Don't cut any panel clamps parts.
  • Keep the panel clamp in a dry place.

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