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The iVAC grounding kit gets your static under control.
Static build up is a common problem with plastic ducting systems (LEV).
Static can discharge causing painful shocks, damage to sensitive electronic equipment and in extreme cases, explosions.
Giving the generated static a safe route to earth is required and this kit does that for you.
This complete kit is easy to install - and is big enough to protect virtually all LEV systems
The conductive fabric tape is backed with conductive adhesive for fast, permanent application
The supplied screws will penetrate the duct to catch the static inside as well as outside

  • Comprehensive kit - everything you need
  • 50 metres of conductive, self adhesive tape
  • 50 screws
  • 10 ring terminals
  • 2 metres of insulated earth wire
  • Fast and easy installation
  • The tape and adhesive are highly conductive
  • Designed & Engineered in Canada
iVAC grounding kit for plastic ducting

50 metres of tape - conductive fabric with conductive adhesive
The conductive tape is 15mm width
The self tapping screws are 7mm thread length - PH head
Pilot holes are required for the self tapping screws
The ring terminals are M4

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