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Gasket Kit for our 2" Dust Deputy DIY cyclones.
Contains the gasket & hardware needed to fix your DIY cyclone on to a lid.
The DIY cyclone just needs to be fitted to a suitable 'drop box' and it's ready to work.

  • Kit includes 6 fixings, foam gasket.
  • The Foam seal ensures an airtight seal between the cyclone and the lid.

Kit includes 6 fixings & foam gasket.
Fixings will work with lids up to 14mm thick.
For lid material greater than 14mm select your own M6 bolts to suit.
Your chosen 'dust box' must be airtight and strong enough to withstand your vacuum's suction.

Extended Information

The DIY Dust Deputy allows you to taylor your system for your own needs.
There are hundreds of examples of our DIY cyclone on the web - browse You Tube for some idea's
We provide the basic instructions and parts you need, just add a 'dust box' and go to work.

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