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Super Cyclone
5" and 6" ports

1hp to 3hp vacuums

Single stage dust collectors lose suction very quickly as the filter becomes clogged with dust.
Using this cyclone in conjunction with your collector will separate over 99% of dust from the air stream prior to reaching the filter.
This prevents your vacuum's filter from clogging, allowing you to work safer and longer while saving you valuable time and money on replacement filters and bags!
The Super cyclone just needs to be fitted to a suitable 'drop box' and it's ready to work.
Oneida design and make the best cyclone products available.
Top quality, superior performance - made in the USA.Watch the video below for more information

  • Works with any 1hp to 3hp single stage collector.
  • Super efficient cyclone separator. Up to 99% dust separation.
  • Anti-static plastic cyclone - separates coarse and fine dust.
  • 5" inlet (side) and 6" outlet (top) port - reducing adaptors available.
  • Design and create your own cyclone system - just fit to a suitable drop box.
  • Authentic Oneida cyclone
Tom Clippinger - independent review

Cyclone: 27" high.
5" Inlet port (side) 129mm OD - 121mm ID.
6" Outlet port (top) 157mm OD - 150mm ID.
Reducers available to connect to smaller hoses.
Up to 99% dust and dirt separation achieved in independent tests.
Made with Anti-Static plastic for static dissipation.
Kit includes: DIY cyclone, foam seal, fixing hardware and Instructions.
Your chosen 'dust box' must be airtight and strong enough to withstand your vacuum's suction.

The Super Dust Deputy allows you to taylor your system for your own needs.
We provide the basic instructions and the Cyclone, just add a 'dust box' and go to work.

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