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Ultimate Cyclone system
Static conductive system
For your FESTOOL CT 26 vacuum

Combine this cyclone system with the performance of your FESTOOL CT 26 cleaner to create the ultimate three stage vacuum system.
The Cyclone captures over 99% of dust before it ever reaches your vacuum - virtually no filter clogging or loss of suction.
With the Dust Deputy ULTIMATE you will extend the life of your vacuum, filters and bags - saving money.
This Ultimate system fully integrates with the FESTOOL CT 26 but can also be used with any portable vacuum system.
The Ultimate is especially useful for vacuums with a grounded inlet and applications requiring conductive components.Watch the video's below for more information

  • Super efficient Dust Deputy cyclone separator - up to 99% dust separation
  • Perfect for FESTOOL CT 26 cleaners - simply clips on
  • 2018 update - will install onto the new SYS Dock with T-Loc vacuums
  • Complete system - everything you need is in the box!
  • The Ultimate system is made of conductive plastic throughout
  • 34 litre industrial dust box - with handles
  • Bag hold-down system - use plastic bags for easier emptying
  • Additional bags available from us - packs of 10
The DD Ultimate at work Ultimate - an indpendant review

2" tapered inlet and outlets, accommodates various hoses, Adaptors available.
Up to 99% dust and dirt separation achieved in tests.
Bag 'hold down system' use's regular plastic bags for fast, safe emptying.
Conductive plastic components give good static dissipation.
For more information about the static performance of this ULTIMATE system go <<HERE>>
Designed to clip directly onto Festool CT cleaners.
2018 update - will install onto the new SYS Dock with T-Loc vacuums, instruction provided.
Will fit other FESTOOL vac's - e.g. MIDI with minor trimming/filing to the box lugs.
Kit includes: SD cyclone, box, hardware, gasket, elbow, hose and 3 plastic bags.
Box: 12" x 18.5" x 18" - 9 gal / 34 litre capacity.
Cyclone & box: 30.5" high - Cyclone alone: 14" high
Overall height with elbow installed onto cyclone - 33.5" - 850mm

Static precautions.
The Oneida Ultimate is constructed with conductive materials and parts to give any generated static a safe discharge pathway.
If you add additional parts or make any modifications ensure they are conductive so static can discharge safely.
Ensure your Vacuum is adequately earthed through the supply lead. Use extension leads with caution!. Whilst an extension lead may work this does not mean it has adequate earth continuity.
If you experience static problems it is likely that your Ground/Earth path is interrupted somewhere. This can be tested by an Electrician.
For more information about the static performance of this ULTIMATE system go <<HERE>>

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