Dust Sentry - Dust Level Sensor

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Level alert system
LED strobe indicator

When you're hard at work in your shop the last thing you want to find out after you're done is that you forgot to check how full your dust collector's drum was.
Oneida Air's patented Dust Sentry is designed to automatically alert you when your dust container is full and needs to be emptied.

  • User controlled fill-level can be adjusted for distances 1" - 20" from the lid
  • High intensity strobe light can be mounted on the wall, on the drum, on your system - you decide!
  • Significantly more visible and easier to use than traditional drum viewing windows.
  • Ideal for shops where the dust collector is outside, in a closet, or otherwise out of view while you're working in the shop.
  • Power supply suitable for 100-240 volt supplies

Follow instructions carefully
Take precautions against static as this can upset the sensor

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