Fill Level Meter - For sawdust drums and bins

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Most cyclone drums are enclosed, the only way to check how full they are is to remove the lid.
Full sawdust drums lead to blocked filters and reduced air flow - best avoided!
The iVAC fill level meter gives advanced warning which is easily seen in the workshop.
The six LED's show the sawdust level and flash when the level is near the top.
Easy to install and powered by the supplied USB power supply.
Place the indicator in a prominent location in your workshop - 2.6 metres of cable provided.
  • Visual indications of your drum sawdust level
  • Flashing warning as the drum is nearly full
  • 2.6 metres of connection wire
  • Bright LED's will show even in bright light conditions
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Designed & Engineered in Canada

Low voltage - USB power supply provided.
For mobile applications - A portable USB powerbank can be used (not supplied).
2.6 metre of cable between the sensor and indicator.
2 Fixing holes provided on the indicator.
Preset to 80, 40, 22, 15 and 10 cms.
At 10 cms or less, the final LED flashes between red and blue
Cyclone drums need to be airtight, a foam gasket is provided.
If your drum lid is not flat extra sealant may be required.
Universal USB power supply suits UK and European sockets

Open manual here (right click to download PDF - 400KB):

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