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Gitta-Grip! significantly enhances the grip between a tool and a fastener, making it especially useful on damaged screw and bolt heads.
A small amount applied on the contact surface of the screwdriver, wrench or socket does the job.
This compound is simple to use and makes a potentially time-consuming job a quick and easy fix.
This Grip Enhancing Compound also aids in the initial installation of the fastener.

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Comments from users:

  • Thank you for a great product that does what it claims.
  • Gitta grip really saved my bacon today. This is great stuff.
  • I don't know how it works. I don't care how it works. I just know it works!

Anyone who uses tools should keep GittaGrip in their tool box

Gitta Grip on site Gitta Grip - on a rusty screw

9 gram plastic tub with re-seal, snap lid

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