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Applying pressure to laminates and adhesive edging is essential so make sure you have it down tight by using this J-roller.
The 3 inch semi hard rubber roller has just enough softness that you can apply even pressure across the roller width.
The 10 inch Aluminium handle helps deliver the pressure without straining or struggling.
There are two soft grips for on the handle for comfortable use.
The semi hard rubber roller delivers the right pressure without marking or bruising your materials.

  • A traditional J roller
  • High quality, comfortable and strong
  • Substantial, 10" solid Aluminium handle
  • Long handle allows two handed use for extra pressure
  • Semi Hard rubber roller

12 inch overal length
10 inch solid Aluminium handle
Roller is 3 inches wide, 1-3/8 inch diameter.

The Rubber sleeve is not glued on the bearing roller so you can slide it over 'off centre ' to recess the metal shaft.

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