Poly Dust Bags - 16x14x36 - X5

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Dust bags for your COBRA drum - quicker and cleaner emptying
Ideal for safer handling of the dust from your drum
These bags are tall enough to allow tying when removed from your dust drum

16 x 14 x 36 inches
1.5MIL gauge polythene
For 9 to 17 gallon drums
Pack of 5

Bags can only be used in a drop box if the bag is retained - otherwise it can be drawn into the cyclone under vacuum.

Lines the inside of smaller dust bins ranging from 9 to 17 gallon in size, such as those used in some of our Dust Deputy, Dust Cobra, and Supercell systems. Allows for fast and simple waste disposal when used with bag retaining systems. Heavy thickness resists against tearing from wood chips or other sharp debris. Package contains five clear, box-shaped bags.

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