PRO Marker Kit - with carry case

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A marker pen kit for tradesmen and artisans
With this kit - all your marking needs are satisfied
  • Indoor, outdoor, hot, cold and UV exposed environments
  • Dry, wet, smooth, rough, porous and non-porous surfaces
  • Wood, stone, concrete, brick, metal, plastic, PVC, laminate, glass, rubber, paint, foam, paper and tiled materials
  • 0.4mm to 2.3mm line thicknesses.
  • Black, white, red, orange, blue, yellow and pencil colours

Each marker is clearly labeled so you can easily select the right one.A selection of 16 quality markers with a carry case - see the pictures to see the kit contents
Extra value kit - save 30% and get a free carry case

Pro Markers

16 pens plus carry case
  • Exterior Marker - Black
  • Builders Paint Marker - Black
  • Builders Paint Marker - White
  • Concrete Marker - Black
  • Plumbers Marker - Black
  • Plumbers Marker - Red
  • Electricians Maker - Orange
  • Electricians Maker- Black
  • Long Nib Marker- Black
  • Long Nib Marker - Blue
  • Paint Crayon - Yellow
  • Glass Marker - Blue
  • Glass Marker - Black
  • General Purpose Marker - Black
  • General Purpose Marker - Red
  • Mechanical Pencil - 0.7mm


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