Reducing Set - 100mm to 50mm and 63mm

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Our 2 part set for reducing 100mm hoses.
Useful to reduce 100mmm hoses to smaller, common hoses.
100mm to 50mm, 100mm to 63mm tapered reducers.

  • Connect 50mm and 63mm hoses to your 100mm hose and machine port.
  • 2 pieces supplied for common applications
  • Made of strong, rigid plastic.
  • Add a hose clip or duct tape for extra hold and seal
  • Ideal for the Rousseau 5000 dust solution

One piece 100mm to 50mm reducer - tapered both sides
One piece 100mm to 63mm reducer - tapered both sides
NOTE port, hose and connector sizes vary by manufacturer, perfect fits are not guaranteed
Hose clips / duct tape may be required in some applications

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