Sand Devil 3.0 - 3" hand sanding tool for belts

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This clever sanding block turns a regular sanding belt into the best hand sander available.
Using cloth backed sanding belts gives up to 25 times the life of regular paper.
Sand as fast as a machine, but with better control.
The clever tension lever holds the belt tight and flat without wrinkling or moving.
Flat, curved, and wedge-shaped sections, handle many profiles and most sanding jobs.
Change or rotate belts in seconds, without tools using the clever locking lever.
Supplied with one 21" x 3" - 80 grit belt.
  • Hand sand as fast as a machine
  • Uses standard, long life, 3inch wide cloth belts
  • Change belts in seconds - without tools
  • Comfortable and controllable
  • Left and right handed operation
  • Small, Medium and large 'flats'
  • 5mm, 16mm radius edges
  • 90 degree and 20 degree angles

Also available in a smaller, 2.5" wide version - Sand Devil 2.5

Sand Devil Overview

Sand Devil sander block

Uses an industry standard 21" (533mm) x 3" (75mm) cloth backed sanding belt
Overall length is 250mm
One 80 grit belt included
One each: Small, Medium and large 'flats' built in
One each: 5mm (3/16"), 16mm (5/8") radius edges built in
One each: 90 degree and 20 degree angles built in
Made of reinforced ABS - strong and durable

** use quality belts only - inferior belts vary in size and may not fit correctly **

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