Seneca Clamp Dogs - Pair of dogs with fixings

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The Seneca 'Clamp Dogs' do 2 jobs - bench dog and clamp mounting plate.
The Dog portion is precision machined for installing into MFT tables.
The Clamp portion is pre-drilled with mounting holes that allow you to attach Kreg and Bessey type Clamps.
Seneca Clamp Dogs are designed with the clamp mount "tangent" to the MFT dog, rather than on centre.
The clamp "tangent" allows more usable workspace on the MFT, and also allows the clamps to be positioned at various angles.
Machined from a solid block of aircraft grade aluminum and anodized black, they will give you years of reliable service.
  • Supplied as a pair - two Clamp Dogs
  • Compatible with Festool MFT tables
  • Works as a dog and clamp mount
  • Accepts both Bessey and Kreg type clamps
  • Supplied with fixings and fasteners
  • Premium quality - made in the USA

Seneca Products overview

These Clamp Dogs are pre-drilled with mounting holes that allow you to attach either a Kreg Automaxx Bench Klamp, or a Bessey Auto-Adjust Toggle Clamp

Note: Clamp Dogs are sold in pairs, and do not include any clamps.
Included with these Clamp Dogs are mounting hardware for Bessey Toggle Clamps (Kreg clamps include mounting hardware) and a hand knob to secure it to the MFT table.

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