Rail Stay Clamps - for vertical cutting

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Often it is not possible or practical to lay your sheets down for cutting them. 

This unique solution enables cutting your sheets while they are upright using your track saw.

The pins pierce the end of the sheet and hold the guide rail while you cut.

  • Cut timber sheet materials, leaning against a wall or other vertical surfaces.

  • Score plasterboards, leaning against a wall or other vertical surfaces.

  • Trim openings in vertical situations, where standard clamps wouldn’t be an option.

  • Safe trimming of doors in situ, after a carpet install.

  • Cut indoors and reduce material handling.

    Made in the UK.

    The pins sit 6.5mm above the guide rail base.

    Your 5mm blade key will tighten the fixed clamp.

    Compatible with the following brands of rail:

    • Festool

    • Makita

    • Metabo

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